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Tartare Of Beef Fillet, Crisp Onion rings, Truffle Jelly,  

Mushroom Salad



Tartare of Beef Fillet

400     grams             beef fillet, minced coarsely

2          small               cornichons, finely diced

1          tsp                  baby capers, washed and chopped

2          tsps                shallot, finely chopped

1          large                egg yolk

                                    dash of tobasco

¼         tsp                  mustard

2          tsp                  tomato ketchup

                                    dash of worchestershire sauce

1          tsp                  chopped chives

¼         tsp                  chopped red chilli     


Crisp Onion Rings

1                                  spanish onion, peeled

100     mls                  beer batter 

                                    flour for dusting



Mushroom Salad

250     grams             mixed mushrooms, the more varieties the better. I like to         use a mix of shiitakes, shemiji, chanterelles and swiss browns.

200     mls                  al greque recipe ( see basic recipes  page ?? )

5          gms                tarragon, finely chopped

5          gms                chives, finely chopped

30       gms                butter

2                                  galic cloves


To Serve

4          pieces                        quail egg yolks

60       mls                  truffle jelly ( see basic recipes page ?? )

4          slices               sourdough toast

8          sprigs             chervil


Steak tartare is my favourite way to eat beef. Here I match with a small warm mushroom salad, crisp fried onion rings and a truffle jelly. Again the combination of warm mushrooms and cold tartare really highlight the flavours of each other. A nice glass of gamay or pinot noir would set this off perfectly.



For the tartare of beef: place the minced beef in a cold bowl and add all the other ingredients and mix well. taste and adjust the seasoning with sea salt and add more tobasco or worchestershire sauce if needed



For the mushroom salad:. melt the butter in a frying pan and add the garlic, when it starts to brown add the mushrooms and gently sauté until golden brown brown, taste the mushrooms and correct seasoning with a little sea salt Add the a la grque mix and bring back to the boil. remove from the stove andpour into a preserving jar. When needed drain the mushrooms and sauté in a little butter and toss with the chopped tarragon and chives.



To complete: using a ring mould divide the tartare between four plates and make a neat ‘pattie’ in a ring mould. smooth off the top and make a small indentation in the middle of each tartare. Place the quail egg yolk in each indentation. Scatter the warm mushroom salad around each tartare. Spoon some truffle jelly onto each plate between the piles of mushroom salad. Top each tartare with a small stack of onion rings and garnish with chervil.


Makes four servings 

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